About Us


Willow & Everett was born out of two people’s love for their kitchen and entertaining in their home. It was founded on the principle that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and the reality that any table is warmer with people gathered around it.

A functional kitchen, however, doesn’t have to mean an un-stylish one!

Tired of having two sets of every item in their home – one for functional use in the kitchen and one “nicer” set for hosting – the Willow & Everett founders decided to put an end to it.


True to its origins, Willow & Everett continues to design and offer customers kitchen and home products that deliver on both function AND design, made to be aesthetically pleasing as well as workhorses in the kitchen that will help you get the job done.

Comprised of chefs, hosts and people who take pride in their home, Willow & Everett is committed to providing the highest-quality products possible without sacrificing elegant and modern style – or outstanding customer service.

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