Cold Brew Coffee Craze

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

The cold brew coffee craze has finally become mainstream as more people are opting for the cold brew alternative. Unlike regular iced coffee, cold brew coffee is brewed at around room temperature or at colder temperatures. This gives the coffee a mellower and less acidic taste.

Why Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

As you may already know, coffee contains an array of anti-oxidants that help you feel active and alert.  However, sometimes drinking coffee may result in acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn.  Fortunately, some researchers have pointed out that you can still have your daily fix, just as long as it’s cold brewed. Coffee brewed hot has a sharper taste and is known to be more acidic than cold brews.

In order to function at its best, the body requires you maintain a delicate balance between acidity and alkalinity (pH).  The human body thrives on higher levels of alkalinity rather than acidity, which is why we must pay close attention to the foods we eat. Drinking highly acidic hot brewed coffee causes the pH levels in the body to become unbalanced, resulted in discomfort for the user.

Cold Brew Coffee Cups

If you are suffering from acid reflux or tend to feel unpleasant after drinking a cup of hot brewed coffee, perhaps you should consider switching to cold-brewed. Rest assured, you will still reap the same benefits from your coffee but will be able to lead a healthier life.

Reasons to drink Cold Brew Coffee:

  • No More Watered Coffee: Pouring hot coffee over ice often results in a watery diluted taste. Cold brew allows users to have greater control on the dilution process. As the coffee is already brewed at cold temperatures, users are not inclined to add ice.
  • More Caffeinated Cup: The longer brew time gives the coffee more flavor, resulting in a higher caffeinated cup.
  • Low Levels of Acidity: While cold brewing, the coffee grounds are not subjected to boiling temperatures that cause it to taste bitter and more acidic. Cold brew coffees tend to taste sweeter and are easier on the stomach.

Different Methods of Brewing Coffee

There are multiple ways to enjoy this hot beverage. Below are the different methods of brewing coffee:

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brewing is quite similar to the French press technique of brewing coffee. However, unlike the French press, the hot water is replaced with cold and the grounds are allowed to steep overnight or up to 12 hours. Cold brewing results in a sweeter and crispier cup of coffee.

Brewing Cold Coffee

This is because the cold water brings out the natural flavors in the coffee oils that hot water takes away. Additionally, cold brewing extracts some of the acidity out of the coffee grounds, making this method the most ideal for people suffering from acid reflex diseases.

Pros of This Method

  • Results in sweeter and less acidic coffee
  • Cost-effective method

Cons of This Method

  • Takes several hours

French Press

French Press is considered one of the best methods of preparing coffee for people who are on the go. To brew a heavenly cup, simply toss the grounds into the pitcher, add hot water and allow it to steep for about 5 minutes. Once the brew is ready, simply push the strainer down for your daily caffeine fix.

French Press

For a stronger taste, allow the grounds to steep for a longer period. However, the higher caffeine intake comes at a cost. French pressed coffee contains high amounts of Cafestol that is known to cause cholesterol spikes.

Pros of This Method

  • Results in a stronger brew if the grounds are steeped for longer periods of time
  • Less time-consuming method, perfect for people who are on the go

Cons of This Method

  • May result in high cholesterol levels

Instant Mix

Simply mix a spoon-full of the instant mix powder with hot water and your morning coffee is ready within seconds. However, instant mix cannot be considered real coffee as the powder is made using coffee extracts that have been chemically processed and spray-dried.

Instant Mix

Pros of This Method

  • Takes only a few seconds to make
  • Inexpensive method. Does not require expensive equipment

Cons of This Method

  • You miss out on the real taste of caffeine

Single Serve

A single serve works similar to the standard drip machine, except the coffee is pre-ground and pre portioned. Simply place the pod into the machine for a steaming cup of coffee within five minutes. Users can choose from a variety of pods, ranging from dark roast to lighter options.

Single Serve Cup Of Coffee

Pros of This Method

  • End up with rich tasting coffee within five minutes
  • Users can conveniently alter the taste of the coffee they drink by changing the pods

Cons of This Method

  • The pods may alter the natural taste if coffee, especially if you are using metal pods

Standard Drip

The standard drip is considered the most traditional way of preparing coffee. It involves pouring hot water over the coffee beans in an automatic machine. It is considered one of the healthiest methods of preparing coffee as the machine’s filter absorbs most of the natural oils from the coffee beans that are known to spike cholesterol levels.

Standard Drip Coffee Making

Pros of This Method

  • One of the fastest methods of preparing coffee

Cons of This Method

  • Requires you to purchase an expense coffee machine
  • The filters absorb the natural flavors of the coffee, taking away its bold and earthy flavor.

How to Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew can be prepared quite conveniently at home in any sort of container, ranging from a French Press to a mason jar. Here is how you can make a perfect cup of iced coffee at home:

Hot To Cold Brew Coffee Guide


  • ¾ cup of coffee beans
  • 4 cups of water


  1. Grind: Coarsely grind the coffee beans using a grinder. The volume of beans you grind is subjective as you can always store the grinds for later.
  2. Soak in Water: Pour the grinded coffee in a container or in a French Press. Now, gradually start pouring the water on top of the coffee. Use a small spoon to stir gently, ensuring all the coffee grounds are moistened.
  3. Cover: If you are using a large container, simply use cheesecloth to cover the top. In case of a French Press, simply place the lid on but do not push down the plunger. Set it aside for at least 12 hours.
  4. Press: If you are using a container, remove the cheesecloth and use it to line a fine mesh sieve. Place the sieve on another large container of pitcher and pour the coffee through it. Discard the solids. You can also use a coffee filter afterwards to further strain the coffee. For a French Press, simple push down the plunger, your coffee awaits.

Add milk, cream, ice to the coffee concentrate. Enjoy!

How to Make Coffee Using a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Bring home an amazing coffee maker to make homemade cold brewed coffee. Enjoy sweeter and less acidic coffee by following these three steps:

Cold Brew Coffee Maker On Table

  1. Remove the lid and the filter to add spoonfuls of coarsely ground coffee. The recommended ratio is ¾ cups coffee with 32 ounces of water.
  2. Place the filter back into the pitcher. Pour your desired amount of water over the coffee grounds, paying attention to the ounce markings on the pitcher.
  3. Insert the lid on top of the pitcher and place it in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours.

How to Purchase the Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you are tired of spending too much money on store-bought coffee, it is time you invest in a cold brew coffee maker. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while purchasing a coffee maker:

Cold Brew Coffee Craze


Will you be brewing large volumes of coffee concentrate for your family or only for yourself? Pay attention to the size of the coffee maker before purchasing it. Additionally, a coffee maker with a large pitcher may be difficult to store in the fridge hence opt for a moderate size one.

Filter Materials

Opt for a coffee maker with a stainless steel filter. A high quality filter prevents the coffee grounds from leaking into your cold coffee. Additionally, metal filters minimize waste and are easier to clean as compared to old-fashioned paper filters.

Ease of Use

Opt for a coffee maker that is easy to work with and handle, such as Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker, especially if you are in a hurry before going to work.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Outside

Attractive Design

Opt for a cold brew coffee maker with a durable and attractive design. A bulky and unattractive coffee machine acts as an eyesore in the kitchen.

Now that you know everything about cold brew coffee, it is time you invest in a coffee maker for yourself. Enjoy smooth and sweet coffee at a fraction of the price without worrying about drinking acidic coffee.

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