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Better Tea With a Better Teapot

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Provide Yourself With the Convenience of a Well-Designed Teapot That Keeps Your Tea Hot Longer.

There are many different ways to brew tea these days, but infusion with whole leaves is still considered the best. Whole leaf teas are of higher quality than the crushed varieties found in tea bags and provide a fuller and overall better quality of flavor.

Tea infusion can be done in a few ways, one of which is with an infuser placed within the teapot itself. This provides a convenient way to steep the tea without having to worry about sediment floating around, or having to use multiple tea ball infusers for a single pot.

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of teapot infusers on the market, they tend to be a bit messy at times, and can lose heat at a rapid pace after brewing, leading to a diminished tea drinking experience.


teainfuser teapot


Convenience, Looks, and Performance in One Package

Willow & Everette’s Glass Teapot Infuser offers the perfect remedy to the common problems of the average infuser pot, while also adding a strong and modern aesthetic appeal.

Our 40-ounce teapot is large enough to brew 4-5 cups for you and your guests and is made from high-quality hand blown glass. The teapot can easily be used in the microwave for your convenience, allowing you to forgo the process of heating the water separately.


Tea pot teainfuser  teainfuser


The teapot’s spill-free lid prevents annoying messes, while the fine mesh infuser itself offer rust-free longevity while successfully preventing any tea leaf sediment from floating around in the pot.

For those that wish to sit around with company and enjoy their tea over an extended period of time, we provide a custom fit tea cozy as well. Simply zip the cozy around the pot after brewing and enjoy hours of tea drinking with tea that is kept perfectly hot.

Quality Tea Brewing, Guaranteed

We are fully confident that you will love and enjoy everything about our teapot infuser. If you for any reason are unsatisfied, simply return the teapot within 90 days for a full refund – no questions asked.

We’re sure you’ll love it, though.


Superior Tea Brewing for an Affordable Price

Take your tea experience to another level, complete with an alluring, modern design. For a low price, you can have a guaranteed teapot that regularly provides you with a superior pot of tea, every time you need it.

Order today to enjoy a better tea experience, for both you and your guests.

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