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Chef’s Secret KTTKC Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

This surgical stainless steel tea kettle passes the eye test, but has some durability and workmanship issues worth discussing.

Advantages Of The Chef's Secret KTTKC Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle With Copper Capsule Bottom

This kettle offers a unique handle design and mirror finish that makes for a very attractive kettle sitting on your stove.

Mirrored Finish

This kettle looks very sharp, which is a combination of its body style and shiny mirror finish. This kettle is definitely geared towards those who want a modern, great-looking kettle that is sure to impress guests. The innovative handle and lid trigger design shows that this kettle is geared towards those who highly value style.

tea kettle stainless steel

Unique Handle Design

This kettle features an overheard handle with a built-in spring trigger that opens the lid, which only adds to its eye-catching looks. The handle design also allows for easier pouring, and both the handle and trigger stay cool during boiling.

Steam Powered Whistle

This kettle is of the whistling variety, which can alert you to when the water is boiling and ready to use. There are plenty who prefer this more traditional notification method.

Large Bottom Surface

This kettle's large surface on the bottom of the body allows for faster heating and even heat distribution.

tea kettle stainless steel

You can also check out the updated version of our whistling tea kettle by clicking on this button:


This kettle has been criticized by several buyers for a myriad of issues that are all related to it's soldering, metal quality, and construction.


There is some doubt whether or not the bottom of the kettle is actually made of copper. Several users have complained about the kettle literally coming apart on the stove, and even melting.


The kettle claims to be made of surgical stainless steel, but several users have mentioned how fast the kettle can rust, even after a few uses. The rust can occur on both the inside and bottom of the body.


This kettle is prone to breaking down when left on high heat for extended periods of time. One user in particular even reported the kettle melting and dripping onto the floor. Other users have reported leaking around the neck of the kettle, and steam coming out from parts other than the whistle spout.

tea kettle stainless steel


This kettle has a promising design as far as the handle and large bottom surface goes. However, there seems to be several issues with the overall workmanship. The numerous complaints are a red flag, and the complaints don't seem to be an isolated incident. Yes, there are some who had no issues, but the consistency of the same problems is alarming.

This kettle might seem like a good option visually, but is best to be avoided until some of the defects can be remedied in the future. If these problems are corrected, the kettle would be suitable for stylish everyday use.

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