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Cleaning Copper Mugs Correctly

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

The recent craze of copper mugs has seen people switching their everyday drinking utensils to this material. The shiny and distinctive metal has been used lately on mugs, cups, and tumblers around the world and besides it aesthetic value there are many other benefits to it.

Although highly valued, not many know the correct way for cleaning copper mugs. Many people are tempted to throw in in the dishwasher with the other tumblers and mugs, but this can be extremely damaging to its surface. Owning copper mugscomes with an added responsibility that must be respected to ensure they have a long and shiny life in your kitchen.

As the metal can be sensitive in some situations, it’s essential you know how to care for them otherwise, they can become easily damaged. With just a little precaution and the right care, you can ensure the life of your copper mugs is much longer than most.

The Benefits of Using a Clean Copper Mug

Without being clean, you won’t be able to fully reap the benefits of this amazing metal. Not only do they look amazing, but there are some other great advantages to making the switch to copper. This metal has been proven to have a range of health benefits even on its own, including:

properties of copper

  • Bacteria killing properties - Studies have found that leaving water in a copper vessel can actually kill off bacteria, making it one of the cleanest and safest ways to enjoy a drink.
  • Anti-inflammatory - Copper has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body, so it’s ideal for increased recovery times or healing current wounds.
  • Aids in digestion - It’s believed that copper can stimulate peristalsis which is responsible for our muscle contractions in the stomach that help our food to get digested.
  • Helps to absorb iron - As one of the most important nutrients we need to survive, iron relies on copper to absorb in the body and requires just a little bit of this to reach some its intended destinations, including the brain.

While research is still being carried out on the benefits of copper mugs specifically, there’s no denying that they do a great job of keeping drinks cold and they look great while doing it. Making the switch to copper can not only be beneficial to your health but also the health of the environment as we reduce our reliance on plastic.

How to Wash Copper Mugs

Copper cups have enjoyed their popularity mainly in part to the Moscow Mule, a popular cocktail that was served in this gorgeous type of metal. Since then, people are now using copper mugs for smoothies, juices, and anything else they wish to keep cool thanks to its great insulating and health benefits.

Regardless of what you serve in them, though, there is a process to follow for keeping them clean that’s essential to their durability. Thankfully, knowing how to wash copper mugs takes just a few simple steps, so it’s very hard to get it wrong.

Firstly, you should never place a copper mug into the dishwasher, no matter how tempting, as this can quickly strip them away and cause them to look dull. The best approach to cleaning copper mugs is by hand washing them, ensuring that you use a very soft sponge and lukewarm water. The soft sponge is essential so that you don’t scratch the copper, as it can be a very sensitive metal.

Once you’ve washed them thoroughly, rinse them straight away with warm water and dry them. Don’t ever leave your copper mugs out to dry on their own as the water can stain them and leave a permanent pattern.

Water as cleaning agent

Tips for Caring for Your Copper

In addition to regular hand washing after use, there are a few little tips to keeping the shine to your copper and ensuring that they’re always at their cleanest. The best way to clean copper is with a gentle touch and sensitive products, so never apply a generic cleaning product to your mugs.

  • Use lemon and salt - This is an age-old trick for bringing the shine back to copper or removing some of its tarnishes that have built up over time. Use a half a lemon dipped in a bit of salt and rub it all around your copper mug; the results will be instant and amazing.
  • Double dry your copper - Always make a conscious effort to dry your copper twice after cleaning and washing. Stains will very quickly appear where the water has been left behind, so it has to be thoroughly dried every time.

Cleaning agents

  • Apply specific copper cleaner - If you want a deeper clean than lemon can provide, there are specialized copper cleaning products available. Depending on whether you have solid or plated copper, though, the polishing method can differ.

Keep it Simple When Cleaning Copper Mugs

Generally, the best way to knowing how to clean copper mugs is with simple and gentle techniques. Although there are some common old wives tales such as covering the copper in ketchup and letting it soak, this likely will do more harm than good.

Whether you’re sipping Moscow Mules in your copper mug or enjoying a fruit smoothie, there’s no denying the amazing benefits that can be had. As more is uncovered about this stunning metal, the advantages of using it over plastic and glass will surely be highlighted further.

Just like any important item in your kitchen, a little bit of care and maintenance goes a long way with copper. As it can be particularly prone to scratching and tarnishing, it’s even more important to give it a regular polish and clean, ensuring not to leave any damp patches behind.

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