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Detox Tea: One Of The Best And Most Natural Reprieves

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

If you are feeling a bit off and you would like to cleanse your system of any toxins and anything else that is dragging you down, there are many options that you can consider. The first of these various options will be the most simple, and cost effective, and the methods will grow more and more complex as the list goes on.

The first option you have in terms of clearing your body of toxins and other substances which can make you feel worse, is altering your diet. If you change your diet to reduce the number of processed foods and other items which cause damage to your system such as alcohol and cigarettes, you can easily avoid building up all of the toxins which cause you to feel worse over time.

detox plus

While this method may work in stopping the toxins from initially building up in your system, it is not meant for everyone, as many of us like to indulge in eating a little bit less healthily than usual. While it is not the hardest option, by far, eating a more balanced diet can be a very effective way to reduce the number of detox cleanses that you will have to do.

Another option that you have when it comes to detoxing your body is choosing to do a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses have predetermined lengths, such as one day, three days or even seven days in length, and they can aid you in shedding a large variety of toxins.

However, juice cleanses are not recommended for the inexperienced, as a cleanse consists of drinking nothing but the included juices, made from both vegetables and fruits, and not eating anything for the duration of your cleanse.

juice detoxes can be dangerous for beginners

They are difficult to accomplish and some would swear that they don’t do anything more than clear your digestive system simply due to the involved fasting.

Another way to cleanse your body, and arguably the easiest method to detox it is through detox tea. What is detox tea, you may ask?

While it lacks the sheer economical savings of adjusting your diet, detox tea allows you to supplement an already healthy diet with special detoxifying herbal teas which will help your immune system and leave you feeling refreshed.

Detox tea is better than a full-on juice cleanse because you have no need to stop eating completely, the herbal teas that are part of a detox tea cleanse are simply supplements to an already healthy diet that can help you improve your quality of life and your overall health with just a few cups a day for varying lengths of time.

Detox length can depend on many factors

The length of your detox tea cleanse depends entirely on how long you would like it to be and how far your budget stretches in terms of buying this particular product.

It is difficult to generalize for most consumers as we all have differing budgets and detox tea has varying priority in each of our lives, so the lengths of each of our detoxifying periods will all be different, but you can go from under a week, in terms of tea supply to over a month, with a corresponding bump up in price.

A detox tea is one of the safest ways to detox as you change practically nothing in your diet besides the addition of 100% natural herbal teas that can be consumed on a daily basis. Another aspect where detox teas shine in regards to other forms of natural detox is in taste.

detox tea

Detox tea benefits include the fact that it contains none of the incredibly strong taste that you can expect when it comes to drinking juice cleanses. You may be wondering, do detox teas work? The answer depends greatly on what you expect out of your detox.

If you think you will immediately feel the benefit of your detox process, you should reevaluate your approach to detox tea as it is a more long-term process than a one-day cleanse. Another great aspect to detox tea is that there are no detox tea side effects.

Many people wonder when to drink detox tea, and the answer is quite simply whenever you feel it is right, as you can drink detox tea for weight loss, as in detox diet tea, or you can drink it to clear out toxins from your cells if you find that you generally feel down, put honestly, detox tea is ideal to drink anytime.

drinking detox tea when you feel like it

Juice cleanses can have incredibly harsh tastes that can make it hard to stick to your cleanse without eating anything for the entire duration, having to endure the unfortunate taste of the juices which are by no means the best tasting thing in the world.

Detox tea, on the other hand, has a light and natural taste, which contributes to making it much more easy to adhere to in comparison to juice cleanses, on top of the benefit of still being able to eat.

If you are looking for a way to purify your cells of any toxins and stay on top of both your mental and physical health, you should look into finding a detox tea which works ideally for you.

herbal tea

The best thing to look for is a type of tea within a budget level that would work perfectly for you, along with a good amount of antioxidants which can help you cleanse your body in a natural and healthy way. Detox tea ingredients can greatly change the effects of your detox and also the flavor of the tea, so make sure you research each of the available tea ingredients in order to get the most out of your detox.


Detox tea is one of the most natural ways to clear your body of toxins and other harmful substances without taking the full-on commitment that a fast combined with a juice cleanse requires. As long as you are comfortable with the available tea ingredients, a detox tea cleanse should be ideal for your needs if you prioritize your health.

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