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Drip Coffee Makers Offer Both Convenience and Efficient Brewing

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

If you are an avid consumer of coffee, or even if you aren't, you are most likely very familiar with drip coffee brewers. These basic and world-renown coffee brewers are found everywhere from the average home kitchen, to restaurants, offices, and convenience stores.

Drip coffee brewers are popular due to their ease of use and affordable pricing. The process is quite simple: Fill a filter with ground coffee, fill the brewer's reservoir with the appropriate amount of water, place the coffee pot under the filter, hit the brew button, and you have yourself a fresh pot of hot brewed coffee in as little as three minutes.

Electric Drip Brewers

Electric models of drip brewers first appeared in the early 1950's after the invention of the Wigomat, the first electric brewer. These brewers grew even more in popularity during the 1970's, as they replaced coffee percolators in most homes.

Basic models of electric drip coffee brewers often possess a simple set up involving just a pot, the reservoir, and filter area. More complex models sometimes have reusable filters such as metal mesh, and can have electronic settings that allow for you to actually set timers to brew at specific times, such as right when you wake up.

electric drip brewer

Electric drip brewers work by first heating up the water in the reservoir tank, and then passing it through to the grounds inside the filter. As the water passes through the filter, the grounds are brewed, and the resulting coffee slowly drips into the carafe or pot below.

Advantages of Electric Drip Brewers

Electric drip coffee brewers offer a multitude of benefits over other brewing machines and methods. Their simple design and ease of use allows for most anyone to brew themselves a pot of coffee in just a matter of minutes.

Easy Set-up

Most every electric brewer comes pre-assembled and ready to brew. The only things you need to know how to do are measure the right amounts of coffee and water.

Automatic Features

Modern electric brewers can come equipped with numerous features and settings that give you maximum control over the strength of your brew, along with programming options that allow for you to set a timer for when you want the brewer to begin the process.

Your mornings can be made much simpler when you have a brewer set to brew your morning coffee right when you get up – Simply fill the filter with grounds, pour the water into the tank, and set the timer for when you get up.

electric drip brewer


Electric brewers can create coffee that is set to your preferred strength simply by adjusting the amount of grounds you use. If you need more pointers on the amount of grounds to use, feel free to check out this handy tutorial from the National Coffee Association.

People that tend to favor milder coffee prefer to use drip brewers, as they provide an easier way to do so. Other methods such as a French Press or espresso machine require more steps, and are generally used to create coffees with stronger flavor profiles.

Keeping Coffee Warmer Longer

Most electric drip brewers feature easy ways to ensure that coffee stays warmer longer than other methods. Some brewers have an actual heated surface that goes under the pot, and can easily be turned on or off.

Other brewers utilize a thermal carafe instead. These carafes don't require an outside heat source, but can still keep coffee hot and fresh for hours within the sealed thermos.

A User-Friendly Experience for Both Beginners and Experts

Drip Brewers are popular for a reason. Their simplicity, ease, and adjustability allows any type of consumer to always make the perfect pot just as they'd like. Percolators, French Presses, and steam-powered espresso machines can be a bit intimidating to some, and are generally more difficult to use, making electric drip brewers the go-to choice.

pour over coffee brewer

Pour Over Drip Brewers

Drip brewers don't necessarily need electricity to brew. Coffee drippers that are known as "pour over" brewers operate with just a filter and hot water. When using pour over brewers, the person making the coffee places the filter and grinds into a holder over the pot or coffee mug, and then slowly pours the water into the filter, which then passes through the filter and into the cup or pot as it brews.

Products such as pour over coffee kettles are designed to foster an easier brewing experience. These pour over kettles have the main body of a standard kettle, but feature a gooseneck-like spout that allows for the user to have greater control over the water flow when pouring the water into the grounds.This provides the user with an easy way to ensure that all of the grounds are equally covered with the water during the brewing process, which results in a better cup of coffee.

This provides the user with an easy way to ensure that all of the grounds are equally covered with the water during the brewing process, which results in a better cup of coffee.

pour over coffee brewer

Advantages of Pour Over Drip Coffee Brewers

Pour over coffee brewers provide several advantages to those looking to brew coffee in an efficient and easy way. These brewers are very simple, but offer a large amount of control while brewing.

No Power Required

Pour over drip brewers require no electricity. The only thing you have to worry about is heating your water. Once the water has reached the desired level of heat, you are good to go for brewing.

Easy to Maintain

Pour over brewers are incredibly simple, and lack complicated components found in other brewers. They are almost always dishwasher safe, and easy to store away. These brewers require no moving parts, which makes them durable enoughfor the long haul, as there is really nothing that can break or go wrong with them.

pour over drip coffee maker

Maximum Control of Flavor and Strength

Physically pouring the water into the filter offers the user the highest amount of control when ensuring that the coffee is the level of strength that you'd like. Controlling the flow of the water while brewing allows the user to tailor the brewing process to bring out the full flavors of the beans, while also fostering a sense of appreciation for the brewing process itself.

Simple, Artisanal Brewing Made Easy

Pour over drip brewers offer coffee lovers a hands-on way to ensure that their coffee is brewed just as they'd like without using an electric brewer.Pour over brewers are easy to use, and perfect for the budding coffee connoisseur who is looking for different ways to

pour over drip coffee maker

Pour over brewers are easy to use, and perfect for the budding coffee connoisseur who is looking for different ways to brew at home while fostering improved flavor.

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