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Hario Chacha Kyu Maru Tea Pot

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

This glass teapot from Hario showcases a sleek and simple design combined with a large mesh strainer perfect for steeping loose leaf teas.

Advantages of the Hario Chacha Kyu Maru Tea Pot 700ml

Hario has designed this kettle to offer both a large capacity and simple design.

Convenient and Precise Pour Spout

The downward-angled pour spout of this teapot allows users to have an accurate and easy pour with minimal effort and mess. The sturdy handle provides added control when pouring as well.

Elegant Design

The teapot's classic glass design is not too overboard one way or the other, and offers a teapot that is versatile in appearance while also being able to blend in with most decor styles.

The teapot's shape combined with its clear and vibrant glass provides a beautiful brewing experience that also makes for a great conversation piece during brewing.

Large Mesh Strainer

The teapot's large-sized strainer allows it to accommodate a large amount of loose leaf tea, making it capable of brewing bigger sized batches of tea with ease, which compliments its large 700ml capacity.

Tea pot

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this Hario teapot is a breeze: Simply rinse and allow to dry after each use. Dried tea leaf sediment can be removed by soaking the pot for a few minutes with mild soapy water before rinsing.

Accommodates Multiple Tea Types with Zero Flavor Retention

The teapot's smooth glass build makes it conducive to brewing numerous types of tea leaves without worrying about flavors getting trapping in its surface. Other types of teapots can sometimes trap flavors inside the material.

Can be Used as Kettle or Teapot

This teapot's heavy duty glass composite allows for it to be used directly on the stove as a kettle, which allows for added convenience and use.

Glass pot


The Hario Chacha Kyu Maru Tea Pot 700ml is a fine teapot, but it does have some drawbacks.

Lack of Variety

The teapot only comes in one style, and the all-glass construction might be a little too bland for those wanting a teapot that makes more of a statement.


Several purchasers have complained about the teapot's lack of durability. The teapot is known to chip easily, and is especially vulnerable when hot.


Wide Mesh

The mesh of the strainer is wider than some other brands, which can result in pieces of leaf and sediment floating around on the water even after being strained.

Heat Retention

Glass teapots don't offer the best heat retention after brewing, and this pot is no different. Several users have expressed disappointment how long it keeps tea hot.

heat retention pot


Overall, the Hario Chacha Kyu Maru Tea Pot 700ml gets the job done, and looks good doing so.

Tea enthusiasts looking for a trustworthy and easy-to-use glass teapot will find this product to be generally satisfactory, albeit somewhat fragile.

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