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Herbal Tea: Not Just Some Herbal Craze, Health Benefits

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Herbal tea is a non-caffeinated type of tea made from herbs and spices, as opposed to tea leaves. The best part about herbal tea is that your health benefits which result from herbal tea depend entirely upon the type of herbs you use in making your tea.

Herbal Tea Benefits

Herbal tea's health benefits range from reduced toxicity in your blood cells, leading to a better feeling for you psychologically, to using herbal tea for weight loss, as it can adequately lower your appetite for you to better adhere to your diet with the aid of herbal tea.

Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine?

Herbal tea is a decaffeinated form of tea, as the herbs and spices from which it is made do not contain caffeine or result in a caffeinated tea once they are put into a solution with boiling water to make your tea. This is another significant health aspect to herbal teas as they give you that feeling of a boost without the need for the adverse health and toxic effects of caffeine.

herbal tea gives energy without caffeine

Many people use herbal teas as an alternative to their morning coffee or tea because it can give you that same feeling with much healthier side-effects and without incurring that noxious feeling that you get when you run out of your caffeine buzz in the morning. In a lot of ways, caffeine is an unhealthy stimulant, and drinking herbal tea is an excellent first step towards reducing your caffeine intake.

Herbal Tea Side Effects

Herbal tea, being 100% natural has no side effects, as it contains no stimulant such as caffeine and it is made from pure herbs or spices. Unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients with which your herbal tea is made, you have no reason to worry about any adverse side effects, unless your tea is made with unsafe or illegal herbs.

herbal tea is made from natural herbs and has no side effects

It is important to make sure that you always purchase your herbal teas from reputable retailers. Take the time to make sure that your tea meets all of the requirements and FDA approvals for sale. It's important so you don't have to worry about ingesting any potentially unsafe or illegal ingredients in your tea, which can cause unwanted side-effects. This is even the case if they are not necessarily either of those criteria.

Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

Herbal tea has another great application in its use for weight loss. If you wish to lose weight, adding certain kinds of herbal tea to your diet can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and providing a right amount of the nutrients that you would otherwise get through fattening foods.

weight loss from herbal teas

The health benefits of weight loss have been well documented, as it reduces the strain on your heart and increases your potential lifespan by reducing your chances of heart disease and stroke. In addition to a healthy diet, which herbal tea can help you achieve, you will be able to lose weight in a very quick manner thanks to the health benefits incurred by the regular drinking of herbal tea.

Herbal Tea For Constipation

Another aspect where the usage of herbal tea can be very helpful is in the reduction of illness, this is due to certain herbs which are used in the making of the tea, and it provides a natural manner to reduce your constipation without using any synthesized drugs. While the usage of herbal tea does not guarantee the reduction of constipation, there is a very real chance that the tea will help.

herbal teas are one of the solutions for constipation

Herbal tea is especially a good alternative if you do not react well to anti-constipation tablets or medicine which is available at the pharmacy. After all, it would not be very enjoyable to have to deal with an upset stomach after a long period of dealing with constipation, all thanks to the very solution to your stomach related illness.

Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Many people wonder whether the herbal tea is a good idea for a beverage to drink during pregnancy. In fact, herbal tea is an often recommended tea for pregnant mothers, as the caffeine-free nature of herbal tea allows a pregnant mother to wean herself off of caffeine which could be harmful to her child.

Tea in pregnancy is often recommended

Herbal tea's health benefits could also help bolster the mother's system during the tumultuous time of pregnancy and effectively counteract all of the hormonal imbalances which are occurring during the pregnancy. There are no potential side effects from herbal tea as long as you make sure that it is a well-tested and approved the type of herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Cost

The quality of your herbal tea and the amount you acquire will depend necessarily on the amount of money you are willing to spend. As with any other product, you have to make sure that you know the upper and lower limits of your budget and make sure that you buy a kind of tea that you are comfortable buying at its price.

Herbal teas in tin cans

If you are a lover of herbal tea, then it makes sense that you will be more enthusiasticregarding the amount of money you are willing to spend for your tea.


To conclude, herbal tea certainly has a large number of benefits, and it is not overly expensive as to be prohibitive for the average person to purchase. The potential health benefits of regularly drinking herbal tea are not to be understated, and it can be quite enjoyable to drink herbal tea as a replacement for coffee and other caffeinated forms of tea.

The lack of caffeine in herbal tea significantly contributes to the healthiness of it and allows you to enjoy a slight energy boost without having to ingest caffeine.

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