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Himalayan Salt: The Best Salt There Is?

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

There has been a lot of talk lately on what type of salt is best for people. Himalayan salt undoubtedly made it to the top of the list for it’s aesthetic, health and tastebenefits. However, is it really the best salt there is?

Salt is a fundamental part of cooking, yet people are not that aware of the different types of salt and how they can affect their cooking. Freshly ground spices, including rock salt used with a salt and pepper grinder, can go a long way to improving the taste profile and vibrancy of your dishes.

Here’s a list of the different types of salt and their own pros and cons.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Harvested mainly in Pakistan from Khewra Salt Mine, contains sulfur oxide (rust) that gives it the pinkish color.

The best type of salt

Pros: Contains 84 different trace minerals that are also found in the human body; the purest salt that can be found on earth because of it being protected from modern day pollution

Cons: Can be a bit pricey

Kosher Salt

Originally used for Jewish tradition of extracting blood from meat, has a flaky structure.

Pros: With its flaky structure, it’s easier to pick it up and spread on food and it’s perfect for the meat curing process (Koshering).

Cons: It is less likely to contain additives like anti-caking agents and iodine

Sea Salt

Made by evaporating sea water.

The best type of salt

Pros: mostly consists of sodium and chlorine and usually have trace minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc

Cons: because of the continuous pollution of sea water, there is a high chance of the salt having trace minerals of heavy metal like lead.

Celtic Salt

Originally became popular in France.

Pros: Contains relatively lower amount of sodium compared to table salt, contains trace amount of minerals

Cons: Also contains a bit of water, making the salt a bit moist

There are obviously a million different opinions on what salt is really best,  and then there are opinions that say that at the end of the day, salt is just salt and that the differences are not that noticeable. The different types of salt have their own uses and areas of strength but mineral and health wise, Himalayan salt seems to stand outabove the rest.


While opinions on pink Himalayan salt vary as well, the only main concern with it is its price – a lot of people think it’s too pricey and they’ll prefer regular table salt since the taste is not that different. This may go well for people who are not that concerned with the different types of minerals they intake but for people who are conscious of what goes into their body, pink Himalayan salt is the perfect answer.

The best type of salt

Price aside, pink Himalayan salt is the healthiest and most flavorful option that we have given its history of being protected by layers of ice from modern day pollution. The purity that we can get from this salt is priceless especially today where almost everything is already polluted. Plus, it gives a higher level of aesthetic value given its pink color!

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