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Simple Kitchen Products Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

This pour over coffee drip kettle features a nice design and standard gooseneck spout, but issues over the kettle’s build seems to be a constant concern.

Advantages of the Simple Kitchen Products Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle

This versatile and alluring gooseneck kettle offers several advantages beneficial to the user, be it novice or expert.

Beehive Design

The kettle’s mid-century modern is appealing to those looking for a pour over kettle that combines modern flair with a bit of vintage look to it as well. This thing looks great on a kitchen shelf, or simply sitting on your stove.

pour over drip coffee maker

The gooseneck spout elegantly flows from the bottom outwards, giving it an even more impressive appearance. The slanted and ergonomically-shaped handle not only rounds out the look, but provides easy pouring as well.

Precise Water Flow

The kettle’s gooseneck spout facilitates an easy and consistent pour, which helps when ensuring equal water flow and inhibit splashing during pour over brewing.

Quick Heating

The stainless steel composite of the kettle allows for quick and efficient heating, while also keeping the water hot after leaving the burner. This guards against temperature drop-off during the brewing process, which can have a negative effect on the coffee’s flavor due to using water that has cooled during brewing.


This kettle is suitable for commercial use just as much as it is for the avid homebrewing enthusiast.


If you are someone who can’t stand whistling kettles, you’re safe with this product, as it provides silent boiling.

pour over drip coffee maker

Safe for Use on All Types of Ranges

The kettle isn’t restricted to just certain types of ranges, and can be used on gas, electric, and infrared heat varieties with consistent performance on each.

Full and Easy Warranty

Simple Kitchen Products fully backs their kettle with a full, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the kettle, or have a defective product, simply return it for a free replacement — no questions asked.


This particular kettle does have a few issues to address, including its actual construction.


Numerous users have complained about the bottom portion of the kettle separating from the rest of the body, causing water leakage on the range. Some have even reported the problem after just a few uses, which apparently is a result of the kettle notwithstanding high heat well. This makes the kettle unreliable and somewhat unsafe.

Lack of Color Options

The kettle is available in one style, which might be a turn-off to those wanting color choices for aesthetic purposes.

pour over drip coffee maker


Simple Kitchen’s gooseneck pour over kettle looks great and performs well, but it is prone to suffering from defects, especially after being used in high heat.

Consumers wanting a reliable product that is durable might want to look elsewhere until these issues are addressed.

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