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Top Bar Accessories You Need Right Now

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Want to create an awesome home bar for entertainment nights with family and friends? Rest assured, the process is fairly easy and exciting. Almost every grownup has some sort of bar area in their house, whether it’s a small corner stocked with booze or a vintage themed bar cabinet stocked with the finest liquor and who can forget stylish bar accessories?

Setting Up a Home Bar

Thinking of setting up a home bar? Here is everything you need to get started, according to Jon Taffer.


First off, you need a place to store your prized possessions. Store the liquor in a particularly cool place, away from direct sunlight. Invest in an elegant or trendy bar cabinet to showcase your perfect collection.

Home bar accessories

Bare Essentials

You cannot have a home bar without stocking up on scotch, gin, bourbon and whiskey. You do not have to buy a drink you dislike but it’s nice to be considerate of your guests. Consider stocking up on non-alcoholic beverages as well.


Stock up on mixers like sodas, fruit juices, and tonics, so guests can create their favorite drinks behind the bar.


Garnishes add a lot more fun to cocktails and drinks. Before you invite your friends over for a drink, stock up on plenty of lemons, oranges or even a bag of nuts and marshmallows for a heavenly treat.

Home bar accessories


Stock up on a variety of glasses, ranging from short, tall and stemware. The sky is the limit when it comes to serving drinks. For good presentation, stock up on whiskey glasses, margarita glasses, and high ball glasses too.

The Best Bar Accessories

Apart from the essentials, here are a few cool bar accessories to dazzle the guests:

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Tired of watered-down drinks? Invest in stainless steel ice cubes. These awesome ice cubes will not water down or alter the taste of your expensive liquor. These ice cubes allow the drinker to accurately control the temperature of the drink. The next time you have guests over, impress them with these trendy bar accessories. Benefits of the product include:

  • Great Presentation: It is all about the looks, isn’t it? Stock up on these elegant stainless steel ice cubes to woo your friends and family.
  • No More Watery Drinks: Nobody buys a bottle of expensive liquor to dilute it. Enjoy the taste of your finest drinks by investing in these ice cubes.
  • Less Hassle: Don’t you just hate it when you forget to stock up on ice cubes? Just toss these in the freezer without worrying about cleaning and re-filling ice trays.
  • Maintains Optimal Temperature: These ice cubes accurately help maintain the temperature of your drinks so you can enjoy it to perfection.

Home bar accessories

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Spice up home bar by investing in these reusable tequila glasses carved from pink Himalayan salt so you do not have to lick salt or bother slicing lemon wedges the next time you have friends over. These festive glasses are reusable and are perfect for parties and at-home celebrations. Benefits of this product include:

  • Exotic Taste: These glasses will enhance the flavor of your shots, something that cannot be achieved by adding table salt. Simply pour your drink and squeeze a lemon wedge for a tarty taste and enjoy. The glass is perfect for not only serving tequila but mezcal as well. Even Oprah prefers these tequila glasses.
  • Reusable: Unlike other glasses that are prone to damage and crack over time, these shot glasses will last through many festive toasts.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Hate cleaning up after a party at home? Salt is a natural anti-bacterial that keeps the glasses clean for a long period of time. Simply wipe the glasses dry after each use.
  • Perfect for Guests: Next time you have a celebration at home, direct your friends to the home bar to serve them the best glass of tequila they have ever had.

Home bar accessories

Sphere Ice Molds

Did you know the shape and size of the ice cube plays an integral role in how your drink tastes? Contrary to small ice cubes, larger ice sphere balls melt at a slower rate and do not dilute your drink, ensuring the last sip of your drink tastes just as glorious as the first.

Do not risk watering down your expensive drink with tacky regular ice cubes and invest in these sphere ice molds instead. According to The Whiskey Ball, some benefits of using the bar accessory include:

  • Convenience: Ice machines can be complicated to use and expensive at the same time. Why go through all that trouble when all you want is a good drink? Invest in these sphere ice molds to chill your drinks for longer periods of time.
  • Enjoy Better Drinks: The guests are sure to circle around the home bar to get a glimpse of these glorious ice balls.
  • Versatile: Use the ice molds to chill the finest bourbon you own or let your kids use it to make a glass of refreshing lemonade. The possibilities are endless.

Home bar accessories

Cocktail Shaker

You cannot have a home bar without a decent cocktail shaker. Invest in this essential bar accessory to mix beverages using desired ingredients ranging from liqueurs, fruit juices or ice cubes. The best cocktail shakers are made from the finest stainless steeland do not alter the taste of the drink. Here are some benefits of investing in this useful bar accessory:

  • Versatility: Spice up drinks in your home bar using cocktail shakers. Whether it’s rum, brandy, vodka, bourbon, or gin, these shakers are awesome for mixing up drinks.
  • User-friendly: You know longer have to become an expert to make exotic drinks at home, simply invest in a good quality shaker and a good recipe book and make refreshing drinks to impress all your guests.

Home bar accessories


Do not be afraid to start off small. If you are on a tight budget, consider expanding the bar as you get better at hosting. First, stock up on the essentials and then work your up way to the bar accessories. Before you know it, your home bar will become the talk of the town.

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