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Top Kitchen Accessories for Healthy Cooking

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Healthy eating becomes fun and easy once you have the right kitchen accessories to execute amazing dishes. After all, cooking is therapeutic and should be enjoyed. Investing in the right kitchen tools aids novice cooks in creating perfect dishes without much trouble.

Here’s a list of some essential kitchen accessories by Daily Burn that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Immersion Blender

Craving a healthy morning smoothie or want to prepare a quick post workout snack? Invest in an immersion blender that lets you whip up healthy beverages or soups on the spot. The next time you need to make a quick snack, throw some healthy vegetables in the pot, like broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower and let the hand-held tool work its magic.

healthy cooking accessories

Ethylene Gas Absorber

Tired of spending on fresh fruits and veggies only to find the produce stale in a couple of days? Invest in an Ethylene Gas Absorber and never worry about food wastage ever again. Proper food storage prolongs the life of greens so they remain fresh and delicious for longer periods of time.

These absorbers absorb ethylene gas which significantly slows down the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. The absorbers are great for storing apples, berries and leafy greens which are highly prone to spoilage.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Tired of chopping salads the same old boring way? Invest in a vegetable spiralizer to create a fancy work of art each time you cook. Simply place the desired vegetable in the prongs and turn the wheel and watch the strong blades peel the vegetables to beautiful spirals. Also, use these amazing tools to substitute veggies with pasta for a healthy dinner. For best results, create awesome pasta dishes using zucchinis and squashes.

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A spider is probably something you do not want around the kitchen, but rest assured, this tool would make healthy cooking a lot simpler. Spiders are considered essential cooking tools by chefs all around the world and are especially used for making Asian dishes. The wire mesh basket is used to drain excess hot oil or water from pasta, poached eggs and vegetables, making healthy cooking a lot easier.

Glass Teapot Infuser

Make yourself some refreshing green tea or peppermint and honey tea right at home. Glass teapot infusers add aesthetic appeal to any kitchen whilst allowing users to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Green tea has a number of positive effects on the body as it boosts the metabolism and flushes out toxins. Consider purchasing a glass teapot for yourself and ditch those sugary sodas and energy drinks that are sabotaging your health.

Herb Mill

Adding herbs to pasta and salads is a healthy way to enhance the taste of the dish without using unhealthy ingredients. However, preparing and chopping herbs is a tedious and messy task. Invest in a herb mill and you will never have to worry about messy accidents ever again.

healthy cooking accessories

Herbs add flavor to your food so you can skip the dreaded table salt that will cause havoc to your health and increase your blood pressure level.

Zester /Grater

Create delicious salads and healthy meals right at home by using a zester/grater. Zesters are among the most important kitchen tools for citrus fruits. Use the zester to make banana bread at home or add a tart tantalizing taste to sauces and fish. Graters can be used to grate cottage cheese to make delectable salads or even add more chocolate if you are craving a little sweet treat.

Storage Containers

Find it difficult to prepare healthy meals because of your work schedule? Meal-prep during the weekend and store the healthy goods in the fridge using storage containers. Storage containers can be found in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes for your convenience. Aim for a container that is durable, stackable and microwave safe.

Purchase compact size containers as well to pack healthy snacks wherever you go. Storage containers are necessary if you cook meals for yourself and often end up with leftovers. Do not let your hard work go to waste. Invest in high-quality containers to pack lunch for the next day.

healthy cooking accessories

Berry Storage Container

Making a quick salad for yourself? Storing berries and grapes can be difficult once you have washed and cleaned them. A regular glass storage container is bound to collect water at the bottom, spoiling the produce.

Invest in a berry storage basket to prolong the taste and freshness of berries and grapes. The container separates the condensation from the food and can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

Copper Mug

The next time you are craving a glass of refreshing lemonade, serve it in a copper mug. These mugs are not only great to look at but highly functional too. The copper mug will frost in a matter of seconds and is best used for serving chilled drinks during the summer.

Portion Control Dressing Lid

A healthy salad turns into a plate loaded with calories if you drizzle too much dressing on top. Calculating portion sizes is probably the toughest part of healthy food preparation. Invest in a portion control-dressing lid and say goodbye to empty calories. Adding sensible portions of dressing keeps those extra calories at bay and makes salad preparation more enjoyable.

healthy cooking accessories

Oil Mister

Oil misters are handy kitchen tools that prevent foods from getting soaked in oil. A perfectly healthy meal can drastically increase in calories if you are not careful and end up pouring more oil than needed. Oil misters allow you to enjoy healthy meals with minimal amounts of fatty oils that can cause damage to your health and promote weight gain.


By investing in these modern yet inexpensive kitchen tools, creating healthy meals will no longer seem a tedious task. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in these tools to turn cooking into a more pleasurable experience.

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