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W&E Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Brewing the best possible cup of coffee is obviously dependent on the coffee beans themselves, but the brewing method and materials are just a step behind. If you are a purveyor of pour over coffee brewing, you already know this.

Pour over coffee brewing is the method of choice for those that are serious about their coffee quality, and it’s easy to see why. This brewing method gives you a greater control over the brewing process itself, giving you better flexibility in creating the perfect cup that is suited to your own tastes.

Take Your Pour Over Coffee Brewing to the Highest Level

Pour over brewing can be done with a few different materials, and some people still opt for a paper filter to use during the brewing process. While this may seem more traditional, the truth is that paper filters rob the coffee of its full flavor by trapping most of the oils from the beans.

For pour over brewing, nothing is better than a metal mesh filter. These filters allow the oils to seep through and into your cup, giving you the full flavor experience -- the pinnacle of pour over brewing.

We know that there are plenty of pour over brewers out there that are still using paper filters. You may even have one yourself. At Willow & Everett, we believe in the best coffee experience possible, which is why we’ve created the perfect reusable metal mesh filter for use in a variety of pour over brew systems.

An Instant Upgrade for your Brewer

Our stainless steel coffee cone dripper gives your brewer the upgrade it deserves.

pour over coffee filter

The filter fits most major brand coffee carafes including the 6, 8 and 10 cup Chemex Coffee Makers, as well as the Hario V60, 02, and 03 drippers, eliminating the need for paper filters while improving the flavor in a moment’s notice.

The filter includes a removable, non-slip silicone ring that matches the wood accents most Chemex brewers, while gripping the glass rim without scratching it.

Better Filter Technology

Our mesh filter is crafted from high-quality, 18/8 surgical stainless steel, and utilizes a dual-filtration system that has a fine mesh on the inside, with a laser-cut filter on the outside.


                pour over coffee filter        pour over coffee filter

This prevents grounds from getting into your coffee during the brewing process, while still allowing all of the coffee’s oils to pass right on through to your cup. The result is a great tasting cup of coffee with little to no ground sediment.ere...

Easy To Clean

The filter is easy to clean as well. Simply dump or scoop out the remaining grounds, rinse the filter off, and allow to dry. De-scaling can be done by submerging the filter in vinegar once a month, helping to keep it in optimal shape.

Experience A Better Cup Of Coffee For Yourself

You’ve already shown your love for better coffee by using a pour over brewer. Push your experience over the top by using not just a metal filter, but a quality metal filterthat will always ensure the best possible cup of coffee every single time.

Click the order button below now to get your own filer in the mail and on its way to your kitchen. We guarantee that you’ll love the results.

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