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What are the Best Copper Mugs?

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Have you ever found yourself out at your favorite bar and noticed someone across the room drinking out of a copper mug? Odds are you have. You've probably wondered what the deal was with those in the first place. Yes, the mugs look great, but why exactly would someone want to drink out of one?

The truth is, copper mugs provide a heightened and optimal beverage/cocktail experience. In fact, although copper mugs have been popular in countries like India and Ireland for years, they are perfect for a certain cocktail that was formulated decades ago. So, what are the best copper mugs? Surely some are better than others?

Before answering that question, let's first recall how they became well-known in the first place.

The Advent of the Moscow Mule and Copper Mug

Back in the 1940's a man named John Martin and his friend Jack Morgan invented a cocktail known as the Moscow Mule as a way to sell vodka and ginger beer, both of which weren't hot sellers at the time. The cocktail combines vodka and ginger beer, along with a splash and garnish of lime.

moscow mule copper mugs

The Moscow Mule's appeal not only rested in its ingredients, but the way it was served: in a copper mug. The unique appearance of the copper mug combined with the relatively-new vodka and ginger beer was enough to stoke plenty of interest that carried on for years.

The Moscow Mule took off in the 1950's and became a celebrated cocktail for decades afterwards. Renewed interest in craft cocktails in recent years has led to a resurgence in both Moscow Mules and copper mugs.

Why Copper?

Copper is an extremely efficient conductor of both hot and cold, which makes it perfect for cold beverages and cocktails. Copper mugs keep the contents inside ice cold, as the copper material instantly matches the beverage's temperature.

This is in stark contrast to merely offering insulation. Copper mugs are relatively thin and light, yet actively work to keep the beverage inside as cold as possible. This is especially helpful during the summer months, or during outdoor get-togethers when heat can be an issue.

moscow mule copper mugs

Moscow Mules are crisp and refreshing cocktails, so a copper mug further enhances the experience by not only keeping the cocktail cold, but by providing a surface that is cool to the lips while drinking.

The copper itself also offers a slight earthy and metallic tone, which actually compliments the Moscow Mule's flavor profile nicely. All of these factors combine for a drinking experience you can't provide any other way.

Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that copper mugs can actually provide numerous health benefits. Copper is a highly beneficial mineral, and our bodies use it to produce new cells and to thrive. It also helps to strengthen our immune system. When you drink from a copper mug, small amounts of copper actually make their way into your digestive system with whatever beverage you are drinking.

Yes, this means that drinking cocktails and other beverages from a copper mug not only provides a heightened beverage experience, it's healthy as well. That's a winning combination.

The Best Copper Mugs on the Market

With all the copper mugs available now, which ones are the best? The answer is simple: Willow & Everett's Copper Mug and Shot Glass Set.

Willow & Everett moscow mule mugs

These copper mugs feature a hand hammered and alluring appearance, and come with a free matching shot glass, making them an excellent value. The copper cups' 16 oz. size is perfect for holding generous amounts of beverage without spilling, and a smooth lip edge allows for easy drinking in any situation.

Willow & Everette's mug set is the perfect way to make your kitchen or bar stand out, and each mug and shot glass features impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. The mugs are not only perfect for Moscow Mules, but really just about any cocktail that requires chilling, along with beverages such as iced coffee and tea.

The 100% copper composition allows the mugs to instantly frost up, providing your beverage with quick and efficient cooling that lasts as long as your drink does.

Many copper mugs available today have stainless steel or nickel inside the cup. Not so with Willow & Everette's. These mugs are made the way they were intended – 100% pure copper.

The pure copper composition is required for chemical ionization found in citrus fruits. Copper mugs that have different metals inside are not able to offer this. With Willow &Everette's, you can always be sure that you are using copper mugs that are made the old-fashioned way.

Copper Mugs Give Off a Unique Appeal

Copper mugs offer an additional benefit: they look great. The earthy and vibrant tone of a copper mug creates a classy-yet-organic appearance, and is sure to always grab plenty of attention.

moscow mule copper mugs

If you have a home bar, or even if you don't, having a few copper mugs on hand provides a unique aesthetic appeal that you can't find with anything else. They are a great conversation piece, and perfect for entertaining guests in style.

Keeping copper mugs on hand is a great way to give your bar or kitchen a modernly vintage look that provides both depth and character.

Superior Copper Mug Craftsmanship and Quality

This cup set allows you to enjoy Moscow Mules and other cold cocktails in cold and refreshing style. This mug set is an easy and perfect way to upgrade your bar and kitchen, and is sure to impress any guests you may have. The sets also make great gifts, and are perfect for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.

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