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What Is Bubble Tea: A Drink And Snack In One

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a delicious form of tea typically made with either a milk or fruit based beverage. The unique part of milk tea with boba is the inclusion of tapioca or fruit jelly “bubbles” at the bottom of the drink.

These bubbles are in reality little more than small round balls of jelly, but they add an interesting sensation to the drink. The inclusion of these bubbles makes it necessary to drink bubble tea with a wide straw reminiscent of a slushie straw.

Boba milk tea is an excellent street beverage since it is so convenient and amusing to drink. While the bubbles themselves have little in the way of flavor, they are included more for the feeling they give the drinker, which first-time drinkers may describe as somewhat unusual.

Bubble tea bubbles at the bottom

Once you grow accustomed to drinking bubble tea, it becomes fun to either chew on or swallow the bubbles, as they add a new dimension to drinking tea. One of the better parts of Boba tea is the healthiness. Boba tea calories are exceptionally low for how enjoyable of a drink and snack it is, and the tapioca bubbles help make you feel full, but they tend to contribute almost no calories to weight gain.

When combined with the delicious choice of teas and the massive amount of boba tea flavors, it becomes easy to see why bubble tea is such a sought after street beverage.

Bubble tea has rapidly been gaining popularity over the past few years, to the point that it becomes too difficult to find even smaller towns where there is not at least one establishment which sells boba tea. The best part about bubble tea is that it is usually inexpensive and refreshing, making it idea for a hot day.

How To Make Boba Tea

We will now include our boba tea recipe for those of you who would prefer to make your bubble tea at home. There are a large number of boba tea flavors to choose from, and there are several ways you can make your bubble tea. The first method we will show you is the method using premade boba tea powder.

Powder Recipe

If you are making boba tea using a powder and premade tapioca balls, you will have an easier time than if you chose to make your bubble tea from scratch.

This is a quite simple process which only involves adding a tablespoon of tea powder, creamer and sugar to a cup of water and then shaking the mixture until all of the ingredients have clearly formed a solution which resembles bubble tea.

tapioca balls in tea

Once this is done, you may fill your cup with as many premade tapioca balls as you please and then pour your tea. Once your tea has been poured into your cup, you can drink your bubble tea with a suitable straw and enjoy.

Recipe From Scratch

This recipe is slightly more complicated, involving dehydrated tapioca boba pearls and actual tea as opposed to powdered bubble tea. You will want to start by cooking the boba pearls. This is accomplished by boiling your boba pearls in water.

Once the pearls begin to float, you will know that they have begun cooking. Once they are floating, turn down the heat a little bit and cook the boba for just over ten minutes, or until they have that mushy consistency that we all know and love.

Once your boba pearls have reached the preferred consistency, take the pot of Boba off of the heat and let them cool off sufficiently so that they may be put into your tea without overheating it, but not to the point that the Boba cool off too much and become hard once again.

boba pearls in tea

You may wish to preserve your boba in a sugar syrup if you prefer to sweeten them, or if you prefer the healthier option, you may leave them in the water in which they boiled until your tea is ready.

If you do choose to make sugar syrup, we would recommend stirring a ⅓ cup of sugar into a ¼ cup of boiling water and then placing the Boba inside for 15 minutes to soak up a good amount of syrup.

Depending on the strength of the tea you will like, steep either one or two bags of your preferred tea, lighter if you are making fruity bubble tea or darker if you are making milk bubble tea.

Once your tea has steeped, you will want to cool it off sufficiently to make your cup of bubble tea so you may leave it in the fridge, if need be. Once everything is ready, pour as many Boba as you would like into a glass before pouring the tea over it.

Now you have a choice of either including milk or fruit juice depending on the type of bubble tea you prefer. Once you have poured either your milk or juice, use a large straw to enjoy your bubble tea.

Boba Tea Flavors

The best part about Boba tea is its versatility. It is one of the most versatile drinks you will find because it is a hybrid of both a snack and a drink. The large variety of flavors that it can come in also significantly improves the experience of trying it, as you can appreciate a new flavor every time.

bubble tea flavors

The flavors can vary depending on whether your bubble tea is milk based or juice based, but often, the more common varieties have some elements of both of these types.


Bubble tea is one of the more delicious types of street beverage you will find anywhere in the world. In addition to being entertaining to drink, bubble tea is both affordable and healthy

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