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White Tea: An Excellent Type Of Tea For You To Enjoy

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

White tea is a type of tea which is made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. The manner in which the tea is processed assures that the leaves are treated to a minuscule extent, especially in comparison to other forms of tea which are more common such as orange tea or earl gray varieties.

white tea leaf on a plate

The manner in which the buds of the plant from which white tea is made are handled is rather singular in that they are not oxidized or rolled, so this affects the flavor of the tea, resulting in somewhat less heavy aromas when compared to green tea or other forms of tea.

White tea, after it has been brewed does not have a white appearance, as the name white tea comes from the finer aspects of the buds from which the tea is made. The final brewed form of white tea is yellow, somewhat akin to lighter looking green tea.

Benefits Of White Tea

White tea is superior regarding health to other forms of tea as it contains certain substances in higher percentages than other types of tea such a black or green teas. White tea has a somewhat high concentration of polyphenols which are elements that contribute to the long-term health benefits incurred by types of tea.

white tea polyphenols

While certain forms of green tea may have similar levels of these substances to white tea, white teas contain more polyphenols so you can get more health benefits out of drinking white tea, ounce for ounce when compared to other types of tea.

What Is White Tea Good For?

White tea, when compared to other forms of tea that you can easily find on the shelves at your local market has the added benefit of reducing your cancer risk, and also increases the general health of your heart thanks to the higher levels of antibacterial properties which can protect you from harmful bacteria.

This type of tea also helps you look younger due to the presence of anti-UV properties and other anti-oxidants which reduce the strain of wrinkles and the impact of aging on your skin.

These health benefits are both presents after long-term drinking throughout your lifetimes, as well as immediately starting to take effect once you decide to switch over to a diet of white tea in replacement for green tea and other forms of black tea.

White Tea Side Effects

Many people wonder if the white tea has any side effects in addition to all of the aspects in which it is healthier than other forms of tea. In fact, white tea has no more side-effects than a regular old cup of black tea and also has on average double to positive effects on your health, which is ideal, if you are willing to make the transition between white tea and other more standard tea types.

side effects of too much caffeine

The only potential side effects which can be caused by white tea are unfortunate cases where customers have a sensitivity to caffeine, as white tea contains a larger amount of caffeine when compared to many other types of tea, which leads to the next point.


Many customers will wonder whether there is caffeine in white tea, as it is rather different to other forms of tea, but yes, white tea does contain caffeine. The next question will undoubtedly be about how much caffeine in white tea.

In fact, the amount of caffeine in white tea is rather elevated, as stated previously, so white tea will probably not be ideal as a drink for those of us who are trying to cut down on the amount of caffeine they are drinking. If you are trying to reduce the amount of caffeine you ingest, then it would be a wise decision to start drinking herbal tea as opposed to white tea.

White Tea For Weight Loss

White tea, unfortunately, is not as effective at helping you lose weight as is herbal tea, but it can still help you with your weight loss goals as long as you eat in moderation and supplement this moderated diet with a decent amount of white tea regularly.

weight loss from tea

You will find that the added health benefits of simply drinking white tea will make you happier and significantly contribute to helping you maintain your diet and work towards reaching your next weight goal. In fact, most forms of tea, when combined with a proper diet will help you lose weight more quickly than if you were not drinking tea regularly.

How To Brew White Tea

If you plan on brewing store bought white tea, then you should be aware that it is no more complicated a process than brewing other loose types of drinks. It's based on how long you steep your tea. The steeping length of time matters as much as the temperature of the water itself. Also, as long as you ensure that none of your white tea buds end up in your tea, you will find that there is no overt complication in brewing white tea as opposed to other forms of tea.


We sincerely hope that this article has provided a useful information hub for your white tea information needs. We like to pride ourselves in knowing the most we can about various forms of tea available. White tea is a great option if you are looking for something a little lighter and sweeter than green or black teas. It is only recommended if you are not trying to lower your caffeine intake as white tea contains a significant amount of caffeine.

The best part about white tea is the many potential health benefits which it features, in fact, it can arguably be considered one of the most healthy forms of tea available for purchase.

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