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Why Glass Teapots are the Best in Both Style and Functionality

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

People have been brewing hot tea in various ways for thousands of years. The brewing methods have remained mostly unchanged over the years for the most part, as have the teapots themselves that are used for the brewing process.

Teapots such as ceramic, cast iron Japanese teapots, and copper versions have all been depended on for centuries to provide adequate brewing for all types of teas. These teapots all offer unique advantages, and it's also worth mentioning that there is a reason they've been used for so long: They work, and they work well.

However, advances in design and technology have yielded a few newer types of teapots that offer some advantages not found in moretraditional teapots. One of these "newer" types of teapots is the glass teapot.

A More Modern Way to Brew

Glass teapots offer a way to brew loose leaf tea that is both efficient and visually pleasing. These teapots have a construction and shape that is often similar to ceramic and cast iron teapots, but offer vivid transparency that allows for both you and your guests to observe the tea brewing process as you wait.

pouring from glass teapot

When brewing tea, the actual act of the dried tea leaf being brewed and uncurling in the hot water is referred to as the "agony of tea." Watching the brewing process isn't nearly as easy when using other types of teapots, but a glass teapot makes it possible from any angle.

Viewing the actual brewing process with such clarity fosters a greater appreciation for the process, and also builds excitement and anticipation for the finished product.

Simple, Stylish, and Durable

These teapots also provide a clean and clear appearance that is visually appealing, and also makes the teapot versatile enough to match nearly any decor it's surrounded by. Glass teapots are a modern alternative that offers a sleek aesthetic that is hard to come by with any other teapot style.

glass teapot

Worried about glass teapots being fragile? Don't be. Nearly all glass teapots are constructed from borosilicate glass, which is used for things like high-quality lenses, and even as a coating for panels on space shuttles.

Borosilicate glass offers maximum clarity while also providing excellent heat retention. This allows for your glass teapot to look it's best while also keeping the tea hot for an extended period of time.

Perfect for Numerous Tea Types

Some teapots such as ceramic and clay can suffer from using porous material. These tiny pores in the teapots actually trap in flavors from teas that are brewed inside of them, which can cause flavor profile conflicts if you use different tea types in the same pot.

pouring from glass teapot

Since glass teapots are made from non-porous material, you can brew any type of tea you want, whenever you want, without worrying about any flavors lingering. Cleanup is a breeze as well: Simply rinse and dry. If you have any sediment left in the pot, soak with some warm soapy water, and rinse.

Unrivaled Versatility with a Modern Aesthetic Appeal

Glass teapots are simple enough to use for the beginning tea enthusiasts, and versatile enough for even the most discriminate tea expert. If you are wanting a modern and sophisticated teapot that blends with any décor and doesn't skimp on functionality, a glass teapot should be your top choice.

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