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Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee is one of the simplest pleasures of life. The rich aroma of coffee rejuventaes your senses and prepares you for the upcoming activities of the day. Begin your summer morning by preparing a delcious cup of cold brewed coffee.

Cold brewed coffee is slowly becoming the talk of the town with its rich and smooth taste. The beverage tastes sweeter and less acidic, perfect for coffee addicts who are also sufffering from acid reflux.

The leading coffee shops have adopted this brewing technique to make refreshing cups of coffee but why should you spend so much heavily on unhealthy, storebought drinks? Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker will take care of all your coffee needs.


coffee outside     coffee outside

The sleek and stylish glass coffee maker with a stainless steel filter will sit proudly on your kitchen counter for everybody to marvel.


Bring home the Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker that will allow you to make your daily dose of coffee without running to the coffee shop. Here are some top-notch features of the incredible coffee maker:

  • Makes Delicious Coffee: Prepare delicious cups of coffee by following only three easy steps. After getting a taste of the cold brew, you will no longer feel the need to go to your favorite coffee shop for your daily coffee fix.
  • Removable High Quality Stainless Steel Filter: Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker incorporates a high quality stainless steel filter that prevents the coffee grinds from leaking into your cup of cold coffee.
  • Well-Crafted Glass Handle: The high quality and well-crafted glass handle results in easy pouring, giving users an unforgettable spill-free experience.
  • Incorporates Dual Filter Technology: Want to make delicious coffee at home that tastes like Starbucks? With this coffee maker, you can! Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker incorporates a dual filter technology that allows users to achieve and optimal brew while preventing the coffee grounds from mixing in to your coffee. This advanced technology eliminates the need for users to manually filter the coffee.
  • Durable Glass Pitcher: The elegant and aesthetically appealing glass pitcher is not only stylish but durable too. Users can conveniently use the pitcher for picnics and outdoor gatherings without worrying about breakage.
  • Compact Size: The all in one design prevents the brewer from taking up too much room in the refrigerator. You can conveniently fit the pitcher in one of the racks of your refrigerator without worrying about it occupying the entire shelf.


  • Customer Guarantee: We here at Willow & Everett value the satisfaction of our customers more than anything which is why we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisifed with our product for any reason at all, within 90 days of purchase, absolutely no questions asked.
  • Convenience: Cold coffee brewing has never been easier before, enjoy frothing cups of iced coffee in the comfort of your home.

Cold brew coffee maker

Cold Brew Coffee Craze

Make delicious cold brew coffee with Willow & Everett cold brew coffee maker. It can be yours for low price by clicking on button below.

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