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Willow & Everett Copper Mugs and Shot Glass

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

These alluring and attention-grabbing copper mugs and matching shot glass are perfect for Moscow Mules, and other cocktails and beverages that you wish to keep cold. This mug set also makes a great gift, and is a must-have for true fans of Moscow Mules and craft cocktail enthusiasts.

Advantages of Willow & Everett's Copper Mugs and Shot Glass

The craftsmanship and quality of materials of these mugs ensures a near-flawless product that will provide years of enjoyment and use.

100% Copper Material

Unlike some copper mugs that line the inside with nickel and other metals, these mugs and shot glass are made from 100% copper, inside and out. This allows for a true copper mug experience, which includes optimal temperature and feel. The 100% copper material also ensures proper chemical ionization with citrus fruits and juices.


moscow mule copper mugs


Several medical experts even suggest that trace amounts of copper in your beverage is good for your overall health.

Free Shot Glass

The matching shot glass is included as a bonus, and is perfect for measuring the liquors needed for the cocktails.

Instant Cooling

These mugs provide instant chilling for any beverage, and ensure a high level of cold conduction via the 100% copper composite.

Smooth Lip

Willow & Everett made sure to include a flared and smooth lip to ensure a more efficient and comfortable drinking experience.


moscow mule copper mugs


Comfortable Handle

The mug's handle design is simple and well executed, holding the mug upright in a comfortable manner with even weight distribution.

Classic and Alluring Design

The mugs proudly boast a hand-hammered finish, along with vibrant overall tones in the copper itself. These mugs look great for both kitchen use and home bar use, and are great for entertaining guests. They also make a great gift for cocktail enthusiasts who want a proper way to enjoy Moscow Mules.


Although these mugs are among the best copper mugs available, there is some room for improvement, albeit minimal.

One Size

Buyers wanting a size bigger or smaller than a 16 oz. mug will be disappointed to know that there is only one size option.


moscow mule copper mugs


Simple Design

While the design of the mugs is well-executed, there are some who prefer to have a more ornate and intricate copper mug. The shot glass lacks any real detailing as well.


This copper mug set is hard to beat. The design and build of the mugs is versatile enough to please any taste, while the 100% copper composite offers an advantage that few copper mug manufacturers are willing to take on.

If you enjoy Moscow Mules, or any kind of craft cocktail, these mugs and shot glass are a necessity. They look great in any setting, and offer a massive upgrade to home bar setups, and even kitchens.

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