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Willow Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

If you’re serious about your coffee and tea, you already know that the overall quality is not only reliant on the ingredients, but the water as well. Using purified water is a given, but what about the actual temperature? If you use water that is too hot, you’ll scald the leaves or grounds, and diminish the flavor. Use water that’s not hot enough, and you’ll fail to get all the flavors out. 

Electric kettles are often a solution to this issue, but they are not created equal. While some may boil water somewhat quickly, not all can dial in to the exact temperatureyou’re needing for your particular brew. This requires either guesswork, or standing around with the kettle while waiting for it to finish. Others may be entirely too slow.

Pouring gooseneck kettle

And then there’s the pouring aspect. Kettles with inferior, outdated designs can be messy when pouring, presenting not only the danger of splashing hot water, but using too much as well. Accurate pouring is just as important as temperature.

We decided to create a superior electric kettle that can make all of these issues a thing of the past.

Function and Design, Emphasized

Willow & Everette’s Electric Gooseneck Kettle is perfect for coffee and tea brewers who desire quick, easy, and precise brewing, all in a matter of minutes. Featuring a modern stainless steel design, our kettle looks great on your counter, and works even better.

Precision heating control

Precision brewing is available with just a few quick button pushes, dialing in your desired water temperature right down to the exact degree. Once the temperature has been reached, the kettle will send out an alert that lets you know it’s ready. As for pouring, the curved gooseneck design allows for controlled transfer to your cup, french press, or wherever it needs to go.

  • Exact Temperatures - Our kettle allows for you to heat the water to a precise temperature simply by touching the + or - buttons. You can program the water to reach as high as 212°F, or use the warm feature which keeps the water ready for further use.
  • Easy Pouring - The kettle’s gooseneck design gives provides a slow and controlled water flow that not only prevents spills, but allows for precise brewing for pour-over and french press coffees.
  • Safe, Convenient Boiling - A 1200 watt electric base heats the water in just a few minutes, and then alerts you when it’s ready. The base uses an auto-shutoff feature to ensure the water doesn’t go past the programmed setting. This lets you go about what you were doing prior, without the need to monitor the kettle.
  • Modern, Stainless Steel Design - The kettle’s high-quality stainless steel features a mirror finish and contemporay design, giving the kettle a unoque aesethtic that is an asset to any kitchen’s decor. The 100% food-grade stainless steel is BPA-free, with no teflon or chemical linings.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - While we are confident that you’ll love our electric gooseneck kettle, if you're not completely satisfied for any reasons, we'll give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase, and we won’t ask you any questions. Customer service is always our top priority.
Gooseneck kettle

Stylish, Reliable, and Accurate Brewing for Years to Come

Give yourself the convenience of a smart electric kettle that will always provide perfect water, while looking great in your home. With just a few clicks, you can have our electric gooseneck kettle in the mail and on its way right to your doorstep, ready to provide you with better coffee, tea, and other culinary uses. Order yours today.

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