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Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Matching Stand

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

This attractive salt and pepper grinder set from Willow & Everett offers users a modern and highly functional salt and pepper grinder duo for an affordable price, and all with a full satisfaction guarantee.

The Salt And Pepper Grinder Set's Advantages

Simple and small, these grinders provide users with easy access to freshly ground salt and pepper with an added flair of style and adjustability.

Modern And Smart Design

First and foremost, these grinders look great. The stainless steel top combined with the clear glass body design combines for a clean and sleek appeal that can easily match similar table and kitchenware. These grinders look great in any situation – casual or formal. Using artisan peppercorns and Himalayan salt can really make these grinders shine.

The grinder and shaker portion are located on top, which cuts down on any unnecessary mess that can be caused by other products that have the grinder and shaker facing downwards onto the table.


Willow & Everett salt and pepper shaker stand



Unlike some of the "one-grind-fits-all" sets available, these two grinders are adjustable, which allows users to fine tune the grind to the desired coarseness. This makes it easier to switch between cooking and table use, along with variances for certain dishes and even beverages.

Great Value and Convenience

These grinders are already fine on their own, but an included stand makes the an even better value, while also adding to their overall aesthetic appeal.

Easy Refilling

The stainless steel tops easily screw off when refilling is necessary, making the process quick and easy. This is a vast improvement over similar models that have a plug on the bottom, which can get messy quickly.


Willow & Everett  salt grinder


Satisfaction Guarantee

Willow & Everette is fully confident in their product. So confident in fact, that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel dissatisfied for any reason with these grinders, simply return them for a full refund within 90 days of purchase – no questions asked.

Disadvantages Of The Willow & Everett Salt And Pepper Grinders

These grinders are a superior product, but some improvements can be made.

Large Size

At 5 and ¼ inches tall, these grinders might be a little too overbearing for those that prefer a table with smaller-sized grinder and shakers. A smaller version would certainly be appreciated by some.

Salt And Pepper Not Included

We live in a right-out-of-the-box culture, so naturally there will be some who are disappointed that these beautiful shakers don't include salt and pepper to start off with.


Willow & Everett  salt and pepper



Overall, these grinders provide users with an affordable and aesthetically appealing set of grinders with the full confidence that comes from having a satisfaction guarantee.

Sure, it would be nice if they came with salt and pepper, but a quick trip to the store and these grinders are ready to go in no time. Guests will be sure to compliment the look and feel of the shakers when visiting for a meal.

Note: Our Salt & Pepper Grinder Set was rated #5 top salt and pepper grinder in the world according to EZVid Wiki.

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