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Willow & Everett Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

If you consider yourself a coffee enthusiast, you know that it takes more than just quality beans to make a great cup of coffee. The way you brew the coffee is just as important, along with how you brew it. This is true with all coffee, whether you’re brewing it hot or cold.

Cold brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular as more coffee drinkers discover the bold, smooth flavors it can provide as opposed to brewing coffee hot and then chilling it.

When it comes to making cold brew coffee, you have more than a few options, with some that are easier and less messy than others. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to find a cold brew method that can also store and serve the coffee.

That’s why decided to create a cold brewer that can handle every aspect of making cold brew coffee, and look good while doing so.

cold brew coffee maker serving coffee

Easy Cold Brew Coffee With Style

The Willow & Everett Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker provides all the things required you need to brew, serve, and even store your cold brew coffee, in a stylish container that you won’t mind leaving on the table when company is over. Convenience, simplicity, and precision combine to create a superior cold brew coffee experience in every way.

Cold brew coffee maker coffee preparation

Using the coffee brewer is incredibly easy: Just fill the brewer’s mesh filter with coffee grounds, allow the coffee to steep for the desired time length and remove the filter when done. The brewer then becomes an alluring glass carafe that can be used to serve and also store the coffee in your refrigerator -- for up to two weeks.

Like all Willow & Everett products, our cold brew coffee maker is manufactured using high-quality parts, along with some truly innovative engineering.

  • Airtight Lid - The cold brewer’s lid is crafted from highly-durable, BPA-free silicone, which provides an airtight seal that slows the oxidation process to a halt, keeping your coffee tasting fresh for weeks.
  • Removable Mesh Filter - We use a fine, dual-mesh filter crafted from stainless steel to keep any grounds from going astray during the brewing process. Once brewing is complete, the filter can be removed, followed by sealing the carafe with the silicone lid.
  • Measurements Clearly Marked - The brewer is marked with easy-to-see measurements so you can use accurate portions, without the need of other kitchen tools.
  • Attractive, Shatter-Proof Glass Design - If you’re worried about accidentally cracking the glass, don’t be. Not only does the carafe look great on your kitchen counter or table, it’s also completely shatter-proof.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - We are completely confident you'll love our Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker as much as we do, but if you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase, with no questions asked.

Superior, Affordable Cold Brewing

Making batches of cold brew coffee shouldn’t be a complicated task. Our Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes brewing the perfect cold brew simple and easy, while also giving you an attractive way to both store and serve it.

Cold brew coffee maker empty

Ordering the brewer is easy. Click on the order button to get your own Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker in the mail and on its way to your home, ready to brew. Experience for yourself just how simple it can be to make the perfect cup -- every time.

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