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Willow & Everett Whistling Tea Kettle

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

It’s hard to overlook the importance of having a quality tea kettle for your kitchen, especially if you’re someone who enjoys coffee and tea regularly. For whatever reason, many end up with some generic, inferior kettle they hold onto for years, putting up with its mediocre looks and poor performance with each use.

If that’s you, it’s time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, finding a better kettle isn’t the easiest thing, especially if you’re trying to shop for one that’s not only going to look great, but function better as well -- while still being affordable. 

We have the perfect solution.

A Tea Kettle That’s Both Fast and Elegant

Willow & Everett’s Whistling Tea Kettle with Rapid Boil Technology is the answer to those in search of modern tea kettle with stunning looks, and the ability to heat water at a significantly faster rate than standard models.

With a capacity of 2.5 liters, the kettle has plenty of room, and thanks to an innovative bottom design, you won’t have to wait long at all until your water is heated and ready. Simply fill the kettle, wait a few minutes for the whistle, and you’re ready to go. Those annoyingly long waits with your old kettle are a thing of the past.

Willow & Everett whistling tea kettle patented
  • ​Contemporary and Elegant - This whistling kettle is crafted from premium surgical grade stainless steel, and has an alluring mirror finish that looks great on any table or kitchen counter. The mirror finish is easy to keep clean and free of smudges, and instantly adds a sense of modern elegance.
  • ​3D Bottom - The kettle’s bottom features a patented energy saving, wavy design that heats your water 40% faster. This quicker heating ability lets you enjoy beverages much faster, while also using less energy each time.
  • ​Safe, Comfortable Handles - Both the double handle and spout lever are coated in non-slip, soft touch silicone that is very comfortable to hold, and also keeps your hand free from any burns.
  • ​No Toxic Chemicals - The kettle is 100% teflon-free and BPA-free, as it uses only and high quality stainless steel, iron and aluminum. You don't have to worry about any unwanted chemicals seeping in with long term use.
  • ​Bonus Tea Infuser Included - Each tea kettle comes with a free tea infuser that’s made from stainless steel, and can be used to brew single cups of tea with loose tea leaves.

​​​​Superior Brewing Times, Stunning Looks, and an Affordable Price

Experience the superior performance and aesthetic of a modern kettle that’s designed to look just as good as it functions.

Willow & Everett whistling tea kettle pack

​You can have our Willow & Everett Whistling Tea Kettle shipped right to your doorstep in a matter of days, ready to be used. With a price this low, you can easily order one for both you and a friend or family member who can appreciate a top-tier tea kettle in their life as well.

Click the order button below. You’re only a minute or two away from getting your new kettle in the mail and on its way to your kitchen.

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