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Willow & Everett Wood & Glass Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Posted by Ben Arneberg on

Willow & Everett have combined functionality with smart and modern design, while also keeping a familiar appearance, topped off with convenient and easy-to-use features.

Advantages Of The Willow & Everett Wood & Glass Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

Simple features and a sharp and sleek design combine to make this set stand out about the rest.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal

The grinder's smooth and modern design is on full display, which is sure to grab attention. The vibrant tone of the grinder's beechwood offers a natural and vibrant contrast to the clear glass body, which makes for an interesting and seamless overall look.

The clear body allows the details of the salt and peppercorns (or whichever spice you'd like to use) to really stand out and add even more to the grinder's look.

salt and pepper shakers

Efficient and Conscious Design

Many salt and pepper grinders have grinders and shakers that are on the bottom. This creates a mess while also making it harder to use the grinder. These grinders disperse spices from the top, and are both easy to hold and grind.

The grinder itself if made of ceramic, and provides easy and efficient grinding while also resisting flavor absorption.

Customized Adjustability

The grinder set's ability to adjust coarseness of the grind during use makes for a convenient and seamless experience, whether you are using the grinder in the kitchen while cooking or at the table. Adjusting the grind is smooth and easy.

Easy Refilling

The grinder's top screw off in a moment's notice to allow for easy refilling in a hurry, and without the mess. No messing with plugs or hatches here – simply unscrew, refill, and scew back on.

salt and pepper shakers


There are a few aspects that could use an improvement with these shakers, albeit minor.

No Spices Included

Like their stainless steel counterparts, these grinders do not come with any included spices, which hinders their ability to make a convenient gift to yourself or others that is ready to go right out of the box. This does allow buyers to choose their spices, but many will simply opt for salt and pepper.


The glass body is a nice touch aesthetically, but makes the grinders vulnerable to breaks if accidentally dropped.

No Included Stand

Williams & Everett include a stand with their stainless steel grinders, but not with the wooden set, which is a little perplexing, but not a deal breaker.

salt and pepper shakers


Willow & Everett obviously spent time designing a salt and pepper grinder set that looks great, without sacrificing functionality.

These grinders are a great value, and are sure to get a few comments from guests at the dinnertable, all while providing easy and convenient spices on numerous coarseness levels.

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