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FROST - Cold Brew Coffee Grounds

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Take Your Cold Brew to the Next Level With Our Cold Brew Coffee Grounds

Our Custom-Roasted Organic Coffee Was Created Specifically for Homemade Cold Brewing!

Did you know the coffee beans you use to make cold brew actually matter?

We've partnered with an artisan roaster to create a special line of organic coffee specifically roasted for the cold brewing method. The result? Smoother, more delicious homemade cold brew that's way cheaper than your favorite coffee shop at less than $1 a cup!

✓ Complex flavor profile with floral notes and a chocolate finish

✓ Organic 100% Shade-Grown Arabica Bean

✓ Custom roasted for cold brewing

✓ Delivered fresh

✓ Cheaper than your favorite coffee shop

✓ Artisan-roasted

✓ Better, smoother taste

✓ Coarse-ground

✓ 12 oz bag

✓ Percentage of profits go to reforestation efforts in coffee growing communities

Getting the right coffee roast and flavor profile for making cold brew can be a challenge. With roasts that are too dark, long steeping times will mean that ash from the beans/grounds will dissolve into your coffee giving you burned undertones. On the other hand, roasts that are too light can be challenging to extract the brighter notes during the cold brew process which will bring out more robust flavors that overpower the lighter ones.

Our custom-roasted cold brew grounds strike a balance between these two extremes and the result is a complex tasting cup of delicious cold brew that merges darker richer flavors like chocolate with brighter, floral notes.

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