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Glass and Stainless Steel Teapot Infuser

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  • MAKE ENOUGH TEA FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS - Large enough for brewing 3-4 cups, it’s the perfect kitchen accessory for hosting guests or brewing up a custom cup of looseleaf tea. This elegant microwavable glass and brushed silver stainless steel 40 ounce teapot is made from premium materials and is designed with convenience and great design in mind. This makes a great gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries!
  • MICROWAVABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - Because this tea kettle is all clear glass (with removable stainless steel parts), brewing up a custom cup (or two!) of hot tea has never been easier. Simply fill with water, remove the lid and stainless steel infuser and pop it in the microwave to boil your water. This teapot eliminates the need to boil water separately and lets you do everything right in one teapot!
  • SPILL-FREE LID AND RUST-FREE INFUSER - A well designed stainless steel lid locks into place and ensures water doesn’t leak out of your tea maker. The brushed stainless steel accent looks great in any kitchen, is easy to wipe clean and adds elegance to your kitchen table. A removable 18/8 stainless steel mesh infuser is rust-free and allows you to steep any type of loose tea leaves and brew your tea to any desired strength.
  • CUSTOM FIT TEA COZY KEEPS YOUR TEA WARM - Whether you’re alone or with friends, sometimes lingering over a cup of tea is just what you need. Now, with the included black custom fit cozy that zips securely around your teapot to keep it warm there’s no need to rush through your pot of tea or constantly reheat it!
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEE We're confident you'll love our Glass and Stainless Steel Teapot Infuser. However, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase--NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We have the best customer service on Amazon, and YOU, the customer, are our top priority. Add a teapot to your shopping cart today for a risk-free tea brewing experience.


Microwavable for Convenient Brewing

Brewing up your favorite tea just got a whole lot easier with this microwavable glass teapot. Now there’s no need to boil your water separately before putting it into your tea brewer. Simply remove the stainless steel infuser and lid, fill the pot and microwave until boiling.

Then put the infuser back into the teapot filled with your favorite tea leaves and let steep. It’s as simple as that! The high-quality ultra fine mesh infuser will never rust and allows your tea leaves to steep until you have the perfectly brewed cup!


High Quality Materials Meet Elegant Design

Willow & Everett strives to create products that are beautiful as well as functional and that increase convenience for its customers. This glass and stainless steel teapot doesn’t fall short! Avoiding cheap plastic, this all glass and brushed steel teapot is made from premium, durable materials and is pretty enough to leave out for company.


Included Custom Fit Cozy Keeps Your Tea Warm

Sometimes having a cup of tea is simply about a quick and convenient pick me up. Other times, it’s an opportunity to linger, savor the moment, enjoy good company or truly relax. This Willow & Everett elegant teapot infuser delivers on all of these things with every cup of tea you brew.

The included custom fit cozy zips up snugly around your teapot keeping your tea warm until you, and your friends, are ready for the next cup. No more rushing through tea time or constantly having to re-microwave your tea!

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