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18 x 24 in. Toolbox Liners

B&C Home Goods 18 x 24 in. Professional Toolbox Liners
PROTECT YOUR TOOLS FROM DAMAGE - Let’s be honest, tools are expensive. So why not protect your investment by keeping them in working order for years to come. These tool-box liners have a textured grip that keep your tools from smashing into each other each time you open and close your drawers.
HIGHLY VERSATILE AND EASY TO ADJUST - The foam mat is tough enough to support your heaviest tools, but can be easily modified with a pair of scissors or a razor. The textured grip is non-adhesive which makes repositioning into any space a breeze.
BUILT TO LAST - The surface of these toolbox liners have increased protection against natural wear and tear, are corrosion-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and the bacteria resistant. The top of the liners are can be wiped down easily for a fast clean.

MORE MATERIAL FOR MORE PEACE OF MIND - Unlike other toolbox liners, you are getting more thick non-slip padding for less. Great to add in the bottom of kitchen drawers, toolboxes, file cabinets and any other surface where things tend a slide a little bit too much.