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Here at Willow & Everett, we’re less about stuff and more about soul happiness.

When Ben and I first started dating back in Boston, he won me over with coffee.

That's right. Not flowers. Not jewelry. Coffee. 

It was an unlikely pairing at first. A coffee addict/connoisseur (Ben) and a girl struggling with "adulting" at her first job who choked down a K-cup every morning just to stay awake in her cubicle (that was me). 

I hated coffee because all I knew was coffee from a Keurig (or a gas station) while Ben was immersed in a world of gourmet roasts, freshly home-ground beans, pour overs and French presses and Bialetti stovetop espresso. 

It was his intense enthusiasm and passion, that I first saw expressed over coffee and later learned translated to many other parts of life, that captured my heart. 

We eventually fell in love and he won me over to the dark (roast) side. We've had a mutual love for all things coffee (and tea!) ever since. 

After we got married and moved from Boston to D.C. we started finding gaps in the coffee and tea world that left us with unfulfilled needs. Why wasn't there an electric kettle out there with preset temperature buttons to make brewing up the perfect pour over, french press or aeropress easier? Or how about a better, mess-free way to make homemade cold brew that didn't look like a science experiment? 

We never started out to create a company...but Willow & Everett was born the first year of our marriage in our little two bedroom condo as we began to dream up and create products that WE actually wanted to use. 

Now, almost 1 million customers, two successful Kickstarters, coverage on Forbes, HuffPo and BuzzFeed (the true Holy Grail of modern media) later, we're still going strong and love what we do. 

We believe in great quality and unique products and in cultivating special moments.

We believe in the value and power of human relationships and our goal is to foster moments that help people connect in person.

We believe in celebrating and making the most out of small moments and little things, like five minutes of silence with your morning cup of coffee...or actually getting to work on time for once.

If you believe in those things too, brew up a batch of homemade cold brew with the Cold Brew on Tap for your next brunch at home with friends….or steep a pot of tea in our Glass Teapot Infuser and enjoy a cup (and meaningful conversation) with your significant other.

Life is meant to be shared. And we want to help you share it well.

Lots of good vibes and good coffee,

Camille (+ Ben + The Willow & Everett Team)