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Here at Willow & Everett, we’re less about stuff and more about soul happiness.

Through functional yet well-designed coffee and tea products, we’re on a mission to bring vibrant life, peace, and wholeness to anyone our company and products come into contact with. Whether that’s to our customers through the simple joy of a perfectly brewed cup of tea or to non-profits across the world that we support financially out of company profits. 

We believe in great quality and unique products that don’t break the bank and in cultivating special moments. We believe in the value and power of human relationships and our goal is to foster moments that help people connect in person. We believe in celebrating and making the most out of small moments and little things, like 5 minutes of silence with your morning cup of coffee or actually getting to work on time for once.

So brew up a batch of homemade cold brew with the Cold Brew on Tap for your next backyard party….or steep a pot of tea in our Glass Teapot Infuser and invite some friends over!

Life is meant to be shared. And we want to help you share it well.

Lots of good vibes,

The Willow & Everett Family


In line with our mission, we also manufacture home items under our home brand, B&C Home Goods.