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1.3L Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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  • MAKE DELICIOUS COLD BREW COFFEE IN 3 EASY STEPS: Now you don’t have to go to your favorite coffee shop to get your cold brew coffee fix. In three simple steps you can make 41 ounces of delicious, homemade cold brew coffee, perfect for beating the summer heat and wowing guests.
  • HANDLE AND SPOUT FOR EASY POURING: A well-crafted ergonomic handle and pouring spout give you a controlled and spill-free experience when serving up your homemade cold brew coffee.
  • REMOVABLE NYLON-MESH FILTER: Our high-quality filter is BPA free and keeps your coffee grinds from leaking into your cold coffee, providing the perfect amount of steeping overnight. When finished brewing, simply remove the filter, dump out the coffee grounds. Put the filter away and pop the lid back on the pitcher and store in the fridge for later enjoyment (if you can make it last that long!)
  • HEAVY-DUTY BOROSILICATE GLASS DESIGN: This tough glass design is safe, lightweight and takes just minutes to set up. The durable, shatterproof glass pitcher brews up 5-6 generous servings of delicious cold brew coffee.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY We're confident you'll love our 1.3 Quart Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Made from premium material, it’s designed to last for many years!


Homemade Cold Brew Coffee in 3-Easy Steps


Cold Brew is taking coffee shops by storm. Smoother and less acidic than hot or iced coffee, it's quickly become part of people's daily routines! Luckily, the Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher produces coffee-shop quality cold brew in three easy steps. The hardest part is waiting the 12-20 hours for it to brew!

1. Grind about 3.5 ounces or 6-8 tablespoons of your favorite coffee. Use the coarsest ground coffee available as a finer grind will result in cloudier coffee.

​2. Place the stainless steel filter in the empty pitcher and spoon about 1/3 of your ground coffee into the filter. 

3. Pour 12 ounces or about 1.5 cups of water over the coffee in the filter to begin filling the pitcher. 

4. Add the remaining coffee to the filter and pour another 20 ounces or 2.5 cups of water over it until the pitcher is almost full. 

5. Place the cap back on the pitcher and store in the fridge for 12-20 hours. 


Dual Filter Technology

The nylon mesh filter in the Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker uses ultra-fine filter technology to achieve an optimal brew and keep large coffee grounds OUT of your coffee. It eliminates the need to manually filter your coffee after brewing as with most traditional at-home cold brew processes. 

The cylinder filter is easily removeable and washable. When the brewing process is done simply lift the filter out of the pitcher, dump out the grounds. 


Durable Glass and Stainless Steel Design


Willow & Everett will never sacrifice good design and aesthetics for functionality. With this Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher you get both. The elegant borosilicate glass pitcher is durable enough to take outdoors to your patio for tableside service and attractive enough to leave out as part of your tablescape or kitchen decor.

The high-quality nylon mesh filter not only keeps your coffee grounds from seeping into your cold brew but is removable, washable and reusable. With this Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher there’s no need for fussing around with paper filters, mason jars or any other makeshift methods of brewing homemade cold brew.

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